Must See Attractions in Krakow

Best places to visit in Krakow.

Today, Krakow is among the most new in vogue problem area for voyagers to visit in Central Europe and for valid justifications. In contrast to Warsaw, even though that Krakow is just a major city, being there will cause you to feel just like you’re in a warm, intently weaved neighborhood. The enchanting little locale of the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz), the staggering Wawel Cathedral encompassed by the Vistula stream, and the bright St. Mary’s Basilica, there’s no lack of things to find in Krakow.

You should absolutely visit Auschwitz when you’re visiting Krakow. Everyone should see Auschwitz at least once within their life to get a real picture of the horror that happened here. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most used half day or day trips from Krakow. As well as genuine underground lakes, additionally, there are numerous impressive chapels, of that your Saint Kinga Chapel could be the crown jewel of the collection. Because of the size of these mines, there’s even a huge underground church! This original attraction is almost impossible to miss. The Wawel Castle was the political and cultural heart of Poland during the sixteenth century and is thus a symbol of these national identity.

The St. Mary’s Church in Krakow is very striking because it’s crafted from bricsk, rendering it look completely different than most other European churches. This St. Mary’s Church is on the biggest square of the town and was built on the foundations of a church from the early thirteenth century.  The Wawel Cathedral is on the Wawel Hill. Chapels and royal crypts, including sarcophagi, are one of the attractions. Krakus mound is another great one with a deeper view of the old town than from Kościuszko Mound so if you do not have enough time, you can climb up Krakus mound instead. Sukiennice’s first floor is decorated as a museum with an extraordinary collection of Polish paintings and sculptures from the nineteenth century. If this does’t interest you a lot, you ought to walk across the building later in the day, when it is beautifully lit.

Krakow is let me make it clear one of many nicest cities in Eastern Europe. You have lots of cool, unique and even haunting attractions, making the town perfect for a town trip. Because of the many cozy bars and discotheques it’s also a great destination for a bachelor weekend. Either way, there are so many places to visit in Krakow that you can hardly get bored. Visit Krakow to explore it more and have real life amazing experience. Also visit Wiki Travel Krakow for more travel information.

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